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Gallery Delivery

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Excited to see all the magic we created from your shoot land in your inbox so you can start sharing the magic with the world? Here's all the info you need to know about turn around times and how the editing process works.

Turnaround times

So... when will you receive your images from your shoot?  The editing process is a lengthy one, there's many steps to go through to make sure your final gallery is perfection. 

Shoot date

Culling & Editing

I'll sort through all the RAW images from the shoot and remove any duplicates. I'll then apply an edit to enhance the colours and lighting of each image.

Preview Gallery

You'll receive a preview online gallery of all these images in your inbox within 3 weeks of your session.

Selections & Upgrading

You'll select all the images as part of your package that you wish to be further retouched, while also having the option to upgrade to any extra images you love!


I'll retouch all your final selections - removing any imperfections and enhancing each image individually.

Final Gallery

You'll receive a downloadable gallery of your final images within 2 weeks of selections.

You'll have access to your preview gallery for 6 months from your shoot date to be able to make any extra upgrades, or re-download your final images so I recommend downloading and saving your final images to as many places as possible so they are safe and easily accessible. If you do require the final images after this 6 month period, a $50 admin fee will apply to re-access the archives. 

Need your images sooner?

If you need your images sooner than the above timeframes, you are able to pay an express editing fee however this must be mentioned before your shoot date to ensure we allocate extra time to speed up the editing process. The express editing fee is 30% of your total package and ensures you receive your preview gallery within 3 business days of session date, and retouched images provided within 4 business days of selection.


The retouching process is such an important finishing piece to this epic photoshoot puzzle. It ensures every image is absolute perfection and ready for you to show case to the world. Basic retouching is included in every package and includes removing any imperfections from an image and basic enhancements. All portrait retouching will still appear in your natural state - removing irregular imperfections like pimples, stray hairs ect. However, if you wish to have more advanced retouching, this can be requested for an additional $100 per hour of editing and will be custom quoted upon request. 

Basic Retouch Included

  • Remove pimples, stray hairs, small objects in background

  • Smooth wrinkles, eyebags, smile lines slightly

Advanced Retouching

  • Alter body/face 

  • Remove large objects or people

  • Background replacement

  • Ect.

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