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Outfits & Props

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Outfits and Props are the perfect way to bring out your brand personality and messaging! Whether you're wanting a relaxed vibe, or super luxe - what you wear will determine how your clients see you and your brand. I know it can be overwhelming of where to start, so here's a few tips from us to make picking outfits & props as easy as possible. 


So you've booked your shoot, and now the important question.. what do I wear?! If you have a uniform, well then you're set. But, if you dont -  it can be daunting putting together an outfit but just remember to BE YOU. Gone are the days of wearing just suits & blazers to shoots. If your brand is fun and bright - wear that! Live in your activewear - bring it along! People want to see you and your business for who you are, and outfits are a great way to bring that across. 

How many outfits to bring?

An outfit change doesn't have to be a whole new outfit, it can simply be a change of top or adding a blazer. In my opinion, you can never have too many options so always pack more if you want!

Mini Session (30mins)

1 - 2 outfit changes

1 - 2 hour session

2 - 4 outfit changes

2+ hour session

4+ outfit changes

Need a little extra help?

Look, I'm no fashionista - but I know some incredible Perth ladies who are and could help you find your perfect outfit. You can find them via the links below:

Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 9.12.57 am.png


Not only do props help create communicate more about your business, but they can also make you feel a little more comfortable during your shoot by bringing you back into your natural element. When considering props, think of things that you use everyday or can add to your personality. You don't need too many props, here's some ideas:

Your business

  • Products you sell

  • Ingredients you use

  • Daily equipment (laptop, phone, brow tools ect)

Social Media Posts

  • Topics you want to discuss on social media eg. Self care routine - cup of tea or face mask

Your personality

  • Luxe - think of champagne, fancy glasses ect

  • Fun - bright, colourful props

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