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A guide to preparing for your salon branding photoshoot

Having professional photo's as a salon owner is not only an exciting part of the journey, but it's vital in setting yourself up as a pro in your industry. The beauty & aesthetics industry is a pretty competitive space - with lots of talented humans in this world & it's important to show off what sets you & your biz apart. A professional photoshoot is the perfect way to do this and I've put together some of my top tips to follow to best prepare for your shoot!

Organise a model

A big part of your marketing material should be showing off your incredible services & offerings. By having a client, friend or model stand in for photos - you'll not only have someone to demonstrate on, but it'll help your future clients imagine themselves in your space . I recommend going through your most popular treatments, services you may want to promote/offer in the next 6 months as well as showing off the client experience throughout your space.

A girl standing in the waiting room of a Perth skin clinic

Tidy your photoshoot space

You've spent a long time building your space into a sanctuary for your clients so it's important that your space is looking the best it can be on the day. Remove any unwanted clutter off benches & give it a big clean before your shoot to make sure your images are looking perfect! Focusing on your reception area and one treatment room.

Choose your outfits

Whether you've got a uniform or your fit changes day-to-day - I recommend changing up your outfits to give some variety to your images. It really depends on how long your shoot is - but even a simply change of blazer, top or skirt can help add some diversity to your shoot and give you some great variety.

A boss lady standing in a hallway wearing a powersuit holding a laptop in a beauty salon

Prepare a shotlist

If you've worked with me before, you know how much I love a shot list. It really does elevate your shoot and helps you get everything you need on the day. Shoot days can be exciting & a little chaotic sometimes and people often forget what they need, so having an organised shot list can keep everyone on track and avoid you having to book a re-shoot down the track.

When preparing a shot list, you want to think about all the things you may need and use your photos for. Some examples:

  • Your website: What images are you missing? Do you need landscape or portrait images?

  • Your social media: What topics do you want to post about? What treatments do you want to promote?

Photographers are pretty visual people so adding in some inspiration images into your shot list helps your photographer really understand your vision. Pinterest & Instagram are great places to find some inspiration!

Work smarter, not harder

It can be a bit of a mission organising a shoot, so while you've got the space, the team & your model all in one place - I recommend making the most of it by organising to have a content creator come along to the shoot. They will capture BTS footage that you can use for videos & social media and help you build an incredible gallery of content to use for marketing. We offer this as an integrated service for our clients, otherwise there's lots of talented people who offer this service too & I highly recommend it.

It's something to celebrate

Whether you're having a full team shoot, or you're a solo biz owner - having a photoshoot is exciting! While you're all dolled up - I recommend booking something exciting after your shoot. Head out for lunch or celebrate with the family - it's worth celebrating such a big achievement!

Ready to dive right into your branding shoot and create magic together? Get in touch here!


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