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Getting to know... Christie from The Bod Society!

Updated: May 18

I absolutely LOVE my clients! They all have such unique stories and run incredible businesses all around Australia. I wanted to share their stories with you, first up - The Bod Society!

Give us a little summary about you - the creator!

Hello, I am Christie the owner, creator and human behind the brand the bod society. Founded in February 2019 and ever evolving into a sustainable, vegan and eco conscious skincare brand. I am a qualified beauty therapist with 13 years experience & hold a diploma in natural skincare formulations along with many other labels that come under the magic of being a business owner.

What is your favourite food? ANYTHING sweet. I love candy, english lollies and sweets.

Describe The Bod Society in 3 words? Eco, community & feminine.

When did you start The Bod Society? Started formulation & research November 2018 and launched February 2019

Why did you start The Bod Society? I've always had a passion for skincare being in the beauty industry for so long and wanting to see a shift in more sustainable and toxic free products. But the idea was born when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, watching the effects of the treatments he had to undergo made his skin unbearably itchy, dry and nothing would relief it so I formulated a bath soak, body scrub and body oil for him to use which gave the skin some ease to heal. The brand expanded from there into facial products.

What has been one of your biggest challenges? Imposter syndrome- I questioned my skills, knowledge and competency a lot at the start and every now and again it pops back up. There are thousands of brands available and I had a fear that it wouldn't be a success but it also pushed me to have a brand that stood out, that made those big risky changes to such a huge industry and since I let that imposter syndrome go the business has been thriving. I learnt that No one is you.

What has been one of your biggest wins? Creating a community within the brand. Knowing it is led with my heart and that has been abundant to me and the success so far. The biggest physical win for me has been able to get to the stage of providing beautiful sustainable and eco friendly packaging.

Where do you find inspiration for your products? I look around at what's on the current market and what could be improved. If there is another alternative to plastic packaging and if i can recreate a product that aligns with my brands morals and values.

What is one skincare tip that EVERYONE should know? There are multiple essential major tips so I'll list a couple. DO NOT PICK PIMPLES, DRINK WATER, WEAR SPF.

What advice would you give to other boss babes? Stay focused on YOUR journey, your morals and what aligns with you and your business. When that all comes together that's when the magic flows in an abundance.

What are 3 things you couldn’t live without in your business? Customer community, Canva pro & my suppliers.

What is your favourite product at the moment and why? Balance day cream- one of our new products in a PLA biodegradable pot, it's light, lush and has given my skin amazing results.

Where do you see The Bod Society heading in the future? I see it heading into a big beautiful warehouse where I can expand the brand and have my own team of people build an even more eco conscious, sustainable and heart led business. I see more products being formulated and our ranges being discovered around Australia.

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