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Lime and Mortar: a kind-hearted Australian stationary brand

There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than doing a branding and photography session with someone who's super passionate about their business and is a beautiful and kind-hearted human. One of those amazing humans, who I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph, is Leanne from Lime and Mortar.

I first met Leanne in May 2021 when we hired a studio in Mandurah to shoot the covers for the upcoming launch of her new planners. I was all set to photograph her products and snap some beautiful shots of her, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect this shoot to get me right in the heart.

Not only was Leanne full of energy and so much fun to photograph, but her passion for her business really shone through in her photos and her beautiful thoughtfulness brought me to tears. On our very first shoot together, she went the extra mile (literally) to gift me my favourite cookie from a store that was miles away from her.

In that moment, I finally felt like I ‘made’ it in biz. In a world where being a solo business owner can be a challenging and lonely place, I felt like I’d found my people. Unknown to Leanne, that day she became one of my biggest cheerleaders and watching her constantly lift others up and support them from the kindness of her own heart still gets me in the feels to this day.

Since that day in May 2021, I’ve loved taking photos of Leanne and her amazing stationary products. From planners, to custom stickers, notepads and a whole array of stationary, they always hit the mark of being so functional, versatile and fun (I can vouch for it - I'd be lost without my Lime and Mortar planner!).

It's hard to miss the amount of thoughtfulness that Leanne puts into these products. Not only because it's super clear how much effort and love she put into creating products that intend to make our lives so much more vibrant, organised and clear, but also the fact that she's super supportive of other artists. Each year she collaborates with different artists to design all the covers for her planners, meaning each year the designs are different, exciting and always so beautiful! I love getting my creative hat on and photographing the gorgeousness that they are.

And her story is even more awe inspiring. This FIFO wife and mum of two tweens started her business totally by accident! Leanne had created her own stickers to make being organised more fun, and decided to share them on Etsy under her blog name Lime and Mortar for others to enjoy, too.

Little did she know, within six months Lime and Mortar became a full time global business. Lime and Mortar grew from stickers to planners and stationary and did so well that Leanne was able to pay off her mortgage and build her very own second storey home studio purely for her business! Talk about inspiring business goals! And she deserves every inch of the success she's achieved.

Leanne's business journey isn't the only thing that's amazing. The way she's managed to grow a passion-fueled business, cheerlead other entrepreneurs and have a phenomenal work-life balance and always attend all school and sports events is absolutely incredible mum goals!

If you're searching for a way to organise your life and have fun while doing it, then you must check out Lime and Mortar's range of planners, stickers and stationary. You'll be hooked after your first item!

Happy adventuring,

Sarah x

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