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Product Delivery

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We want to make sure your special cargo reaches us safe & sound, so heres some important information you need to know to get your products to us!


All products are to be delivered at least 5 business days before your shoot date. This allows us time to unpack, check stock & plan out any extra sets/backdrops needed. If your products do not arrive in time for your shoot, your shoot will be rescheduled to the next available date and a reschedule fee will be charged. 

Where to deliver?

All Products Delivered to:

Sarah Barnes

PO Box 352

Byford WA 6122

Alternatively, if your products cannot be posted and you require a home delivery - please send us an email at and we can organise a time for delivery to Byford.  

What to pack?

Your products - make sure they are nice & safe, wrapped in extra bubble wrap to prevent damage. I'd also recommend packing more than one of each product incase of breakage and for extra styling.

Return packing slip - to make returning your products easier, please ensure you pack the return postage sticker with your products. Alternatively we can post back and invoice you for the postage cost.

Props (optional) - depending on your styling preferences, I recommend packing some extra props or ingredients that may suit your brand. For example, if you make crystal candles - pack some of the extra crystals to use for styling. 

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