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Preparing a Shot List

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So, what is a shot list?  While I'll always use my experience and creative juices to make your shoot epic, a shot list is a great place to start when planning your shoot. It's essentially a list of shots we have to get so that your shoot meets it's purpose. So here's some tips of how to put together the best shot list for your shoot:

Think about your why

Why did you book your shoot and how will you use your images?  Whether it's for a new product release, website refresh or to level up your socials - every shoot has a purpose and it's the best place to start when planning your shot list. How you'll use the images after really structures how I'll shoot them! Some common uses:

Social media

  • Do you need it for stories, posts, Facebook banners ect? This will determine whether you need square, portrait or landscape images

  • What products/services do you offer so you can promote these? Eg. Brow wax, Retail  

  • What makes your brand/biz unique? Eg. Sustainable, Luxe


  • Do you have a blog? If so, what images could we capture to help you write some posts?

  • Do you need headshots for an about me page?

  • Salon/work space shots to show clients the space?

  • Banner images?

New Launch

  • Do you have a new product/service being launched?

  • What is the benefit or features that will attract your customers?

  • How can it be used?

  • Can it be gifted? (Think Mothers Day, Fathers Day ect)


Inspiration Images

As a photographer, I'm a very visual person and it's one of the best ways I communicate. So being able to see what type of images and layout's you like really help me meet your shoot needs. But remember, inspiration images are always inspiration and will never be copied because every business is unique!

So where do I find inspiration images?  The world is a pretty magical place if you just look in the right places. Here's some of my favourite places to find inspiration images! 


Scroll your feed and screenshot any images that stand out to you/work for your brand!

Me or other creatives

Have a look through my website & instagram and see if theres any particular shots you can use

Your industry

Look up others in your industry and see what kind of images they use and what could work for you


This one is my favourite - and one of the most useful tools as you can create your own board and send it to me!


Grab a magazine, book or anything in print and see what you can find. Get creative!


Need a little more help? Here's some examples of some shot list's I've put together that can help you to create your own. It doesn't have to be anything fancy - it can be sent to us simply as a brain dump email, but these give you a good idea of what to include based on your industry. If you're still stuck, feel free to reach out and we can help!

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